BoxUp, logical puzzle game

Introduction to BoxUp Puzzle Game

Move black dot to join red and blue box


Solution (Spoiler!)

This video shows one of the longest recorded solutions of the first level of the game. With no doubt it is not hard to make even longer path, but the real challenge is closer to the opposite – to find the shortest way to join red with blue box, or just simple enjoy in brain testing with harder levels.

Keyboard Controls

  • Up arrow (or W, or Keypad Up) – move dot UP
  • Left arrow (or A, or Keypad Left) – move dot LEFT
  • Down arrow (or S, or Keypad Down) – move dot DOWN
  • Right arrow (or D, or Keypad Right) – move dot RIGHT
  • Backspace (or Escape, or Delete) – UNDO last move
  • Enter (or Return, or Space) – RESET current level
  • PgUp (or N, or Keypad PgUp) – load NEXT level
  • PgDown (or P, or Keypad PgDown) – load PREVIOUS level

Game Features and Rules

  • Intro
    • BoxUp game consists of levels which are automatically advanced to next with completion of previous.
    • The Game is played on the table covered with cells. Cell can contain one or more table elements: black dot and boxes.
    • There are several types of boxes. Two sizes, small and large. There is always one small red box and one large blue, and there can be more black boxes of both sizes.
  • Playing level
    • Black dot is an active element. You control it’s movement with cursor keys.
    • Dot can be moved to a empty neighbor cell, or to cell with a box opened to the side where dot is.
    • Dot can move box when is inside it, to any allowed direction except box open side. Allowed direction is to empty cell or cell with larger box opened to moving dot and box. So, a smaller box with dot can enter into larger. Inside dot than can move both box to allowed direction of large cell…
    • Small red box inside large blue marks that level is completed. That is the goal of the play for sure.
  • Game menu
    • Undo – Multiple undo. Player can undo all of his moves from play of current level, one by one.
    • Reset – Current level can be reset to it’s start position. Reset option is in menu represented with the number of current level.
    • Previous level – To load level before currently played level.
    • Next level – To load level after currently played level. There is no need to solve previous in order to advance to following level, levels can be skipped and played in order of free choice. After all, this is just a game, no need for torture if some level turns to be hard to solve.
    • Load menu – For easier choose of level to play there is load menu, in game menu represented with a three dots character (…). Player can pick any of available levels with click on button with level’s number.
    • About – In order to find out something more on BoxUp puzzle there is last option in game menu, represented with letter O (it is so logical, is it 😉
  • What else?
    • Great memory – Your time is valuable, so you can follow your needs and leave the page – your advancement is saved for a whole month, so you can back later and continue exactly at the point where you stopped last time.
    • Hidden menu – Well, nothing special, trust me, just an option to thanks to every player who succeed in solving of the last level, which is considered as the hardest one (mostly as the opposite to the fact that the first level is definitely the easiest). Hence, that could be a reason more to solve the last level. Just go go go :-)

About Levels

Puzzle designs: © Andrea Gilbert 2003 & Don O’Brien 2003
Used with permission

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